Craft Making: Wooden Bead Garland With Tassel

by Kelly Whiteside

For the first craft, I thought we would start with a simple but really satisfying one - a wooden bead garland with tassel. They can be used for anything from curtain pulls, vase necklaces and even keyrings; adding a little chic to everyday life.

What do you need?

• Wooden beads
• Twine
• Scissors
• Sellotape
• Sewing needle
• Piece of card cut into a rectangle

The twine and beads can be both bought from Amazon.

Step 1: Twine tassel

Wrap the twine around the long side of the rectangular cardboard, starting at the bottom and finishing at the bottom. Cut off the end so all the twine is the same length. I like to wrap it 40 times round to make it quite thick. 

Cut another piece of twine around 20cm long and feed through the top of the cardboard gathering the top loop of twine.

Knot twice and leave the twine free at the top .

Cut the twine at the bottom of the cardboard.

Now you can remove the cardboard piece. 

Take another piece of twine, wrapping around the top part of the tassel leaving a gap. Wrap 10 times round so its nice and thick, leaving 10cm free to tie a double knot – push the knot under the wrapped twine to hide the ends. 

Look at the bottom of the tassel and chop any stray bits so it all looks one length.

Now you have one completed tassel!

Step 2: Beaded garland

Measure a length of twine to go around your vase ‘neck’. Measure an excess of 20cm length on top of this length.

Make a double knot 10cm into the twine.

Sellotape a sewing needle to the other end of the twine.

Push on enough beads to fill up the twine leaving another 10cm free at the top.

Remove the sewing needle and Sellotape.  

Double knot the twine securing the beads in place.

Now fold over the twine with the beads on so the twine ends come together.  

Take another piece of Sellotape and secure the needle on to the twine.  

Push through 2 beads covering the knots in the twine.  

Now remove the Sellotape and needle carefully. 

Step 3: Secure the twine to the tassel

Take the two ends of the twine necklace and feed one side through the top loop of the tassel.
As seen in the image above.

Triple knot to the side of the tassel, making it really tight.

Cut the twine double to a 1cm long then push the necklace round to position it at the top of the tassel - hide the knot and the excess twine under the tassel loop.

And there you have it, a wooden bead garland with tassel!

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